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SOS Instant Redcut Repair Serum

Reduct repair serum,Essence


Immediately reduce redness of the skin. Shorten the period of skin repair time. Repair damaged skin. Relieve skin discomfort caused by dry skin sensitively, such as redness, itchiness and scaling. Improve various skin problems.


•NanoMSC - Excellent skin regeneration and repair ability.
•2% REDUCT - Inhibits inflammatory factors and reduces redness.
•G-VITEXIN - Promotes epidermal skin healing.
•CERAMIDE Ⅲ - Rebuilds the skin barrier and improves skin health.
•Juventide - Improves epidermal growth rate.
•AT Calm-ist - Inhibits inflammatory response.


The Unique Skincare Product for Aesthetic Treatments

Improve and repair the skin, enhance the protective ability of the epidermis, and maintain the healthy state of the skin. Soothes skin discomfort and improves skin comfort.                                                                                                       
The postoperative skin is most afraid of a prolonged inflammation period. Once the inflammation period is prolonged, it may hinder wound healing. SOS Instant Skin Reduct Repair Mask and Serum can quickly reduce the inflammation of the skin after laser treatment, effectively reducing redness, and shorten the time for wound healing to restore the skin to its best condition as soon as possible.


Applicable skin type
  • Dry skin
  • Fragile skin
  • Normal skin

How to use

Using the product before and after laser and skin treatment for rejuvenation can effectively enhanc the skin moisture, and recovery the function of the skin defensing barrier.



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