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SOS Instant Hydro Boost Serum

Hydro boost serum, Moisturizing


Use before and after laser and skin rejuventation treatment to effectively increase skin moisture, strengthen skin defense ability, restore skin barrier fountion and reduce post-operative skin dryness and discomfort. Aquaphyline is used to create AQP-3 water channel protein to achieve high water skin content. Strengthen natural skin barrier function. Relieve dry skin, enhance skin softness and comfort. Soothes skin discomfort, such as redness dryneess and itchiness.


  • 99.9% extremely purified pure water
  • Copper Peptide Complex, GHK-Cu
  • PCA-Na -  natural moisturizing factor and humectant
  • AQUAPHYLINE - water membrane protein
  • Macromolecular hyaluronic acid


The Unique Skincare Product for Aesthetic Treatments

Instantly hydrates, increases water content and moisturizes effectively. Designed for pre and post laser resurfacing (Discovery Pico, Ultra Pulse), skin peels and dehydrated and dry skin.

Designed for pre- & post-operation hydration
  • •99.9% extremely purified pure water.
    •Copper Peptide Complex. GHK-Cu-: It repairs and remodels skin, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, firm skin. Reducing inflammation and redness and other comparative formulations
    •PCA Na - Natural moisturizing factor and humectant- a natural moisturizing factor and humectant, It can be used to make the skin absorb enough water to appear soft, elastic and shiny.
    •AQUAPHYLINE - Water membrane protein. It can improve the performance of AQP3, effectively prevent the loss of water in laser treatment
    •Macromolecular hyaluronic acid - protects the skin from drying and it enhances its defensive abilities.
For extremely dry skin, use PCA-NA, the natural original absorption ingredient of the skin, to quickly absorb 99.9% extremely purified pure water into the surface of the skin. Then quickly apply a large amount of water. The addition of Copper Peptide Complex GHK-Cu can cooperate with the reconstruction and strengthening of the epidermis, a skin barrier function. Special product for strong moisturizing pre and post laser resurfacing.

Applicable skin type
  • Super dry skin​
  • Skin Before laser treatment

How to use

  • Apply moderate amount of Hydro Boost Serum to face and nece area every morning and evening. Massage gently until fully absorbed.                                         
  • Use before and after laser and skin peeling treatments to strenngthen skin defense ability and reduce post-operative skin dryness.

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