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SOS Instant Epidermis Repair Mask

Repair mask


Anti-allergic reconstruction of the epidermis efficiently locks in water. Designed for pre and post laser resurfacing and sensitive and fragile skin.


•Epilobium Angustifolium - Instant relief from redness. Multifunctional bioactive.
•MultiEx BSASM - Relieves inflammation and pain.
•Tasmannia Obovata – Antioxidant. Anti-inflammatory.
•CERAMIDE Ⅲ - Rebuilds the skin barrier and restores healthy skin.
•Sodium Hyaluronate - Natural moisturizing factor.
•Centella Asiatica – Antioxidant that promotes cell regeneration.


The Unique Skincare Product for Aesthetic Treatments

Moisturizes and locks water the skin, make the skin retain and maintain moisture, prevent dry and rough skin, soothe sensitive skin, enhance the protection of the epidermis, and enhance the skin's protection against environmental damage.
  • Sensitive and weak skin repair
  • Instant hydration
  • Relieving skin sensitivity
  • Increasing skin defense

The unique anti-allergic repairing formula gently soothes, does not irritate the skin, quickly repairs the epidermis, restores the skin barrier function and strengthens the water-locking and moisturizing power.

Tested for moisture retention and sensitive skin.

Applicable skin type
  • Dry skin
  • Fragile skin
  • Normal skin
How to use

Take one mask sheet and put on the entire face for 15-20 minutes  after cleaning your face. Do not need to rinse off, and capable of continuing other steps for skin care directly.

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