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SOS Instant Skin Repair Cream

Light/ moisturizing type, Emulsion, cream, after aesthetic procedure.


Use the product before and after laser and skin rejuventation treatment to effectively increase skin's moisture, strengthen skin's defense ability, restore skin barrier fountion and relieve skin dryness and discomfort caused by treatments. Repair skin, relieve dry skin, enhance skin softness and comfort. Soothes skin discomfort, such as redness dryneess and itchiness.


  • MulitEx BSASM - Relieves inflammation and pain
  • 1% REDCUT - Inhibit inflammatory factors and improve redness
  • G-VITEXIN - Promotes epidermal skin healing
  • CERAMIDE Ⅲ - Rebuilds the skin barrier and restores healthy skin.
  • D-Panthenol - Skin Hydrating Antioxidant
  • ESSACHEM SM - Patented texture for babies


The Unique Skincare Product for Aesthetic Treatments

Revitalizes and repairs the skin, forming a protective layer and strengthening the skin's protection against environmental damage. Reduce skin dryness and desquamation, relieve discomfort, and restore skin elasticity and luster.
  • Relieve skin discomfort
  • Conditioning, revitalizing and repairing
  • Strengthen the epidermal barrier
The repairing formula tailored for sensitive and fragile skin after laser and skin resurfacing can comprehensively solve postoperative discomfort, inhibit inflammation and relieve redness, swelling, heat, pain and itching. Rebuilds the skin barrier and restores healthy skin.

Applicable skin type

★ Light: refreshing and not burdensome. For combination and oily skin.
★ High moisture: soft and moisturizing. For dry to medium-dry skin.

How to use
  • Apply moderate amount of Repair Cream to face and nece area every morning and evening. Massage gently until fully absorbed.                      
  • Use before and after laser and skin peeling treatments to strenngthen skin defense ability and reduce post-operative skin dryness.

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