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DERMA-XPERT is dermocosmetic brand in Taiwan. DXP has been proudly designing a unique skincare products that serves the aesthetic, dermatology, salon & SPA sector. We are always keen to develop new product to meet all the needs, to serve every customer looking for beautiful and a healthy skin.

Product lines: Moisturizing, Conditioning, Peeling, Repairing, & Sun Protection.
With a good reputation and quality, won the majority of Taiwanese dermatology specialists and nursing staff unanimously affirmed.


high quality



skin care

DERMA-XPERT loves your skin with sincerity. We insist on giving only what the skin needs and not burdening the skin!
Complying with ISO22716 certification, the most stringent standard for international cosmetics, Melpis takes corporate responsibility as an industry benchmark, and the idea of giving back to the society.
We cherish every face and every inch of skin!

  • pure water

  • No controversial ingredients added

  • No Added Estrogen

  • No animal testing


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