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About Us
【Love • Hope • Pride】

DERMA-XPERT has become a famous brand in Taiwan since 1999, with more than 20 years experience, exclusively offer physician, aesthetic, dermatology clinics, salon & SPA an innovative of aesthetic skin care products. With a good reputation and quality, won the majority of Taiwanese physician, dermatology specialists and nursing staff unanimously affirmed.

DXP is deeply engaged in the global aesthetic medicine market, and specialized in designing a comprehensive skin care brand for physician, dermatologists, aesthetic clinics and medical hospitals.

DXP is well aware of the expectation, trust, professionalism and sense of mission behind the " aesthetic medicine ". It is different from the development of general skin care products. Our products are proven effective for many skin types and skin concerns. They are the most close to the market, safe and effective choice.

DXP knows the mission and responsibility of product sales! The company’s philosophy of "Love, Hope and Pride", make us to pay more attention to your skin problems than users! Take the initiative to care for people who care for all kinds of skin problems from the professional perspective of skin experts, and create exclusive skin care products suitable for you.

ISO22716 GMP

Only gives the skin what it needs, without any burden on the skin.

DXP has a top R&D team with a master's degree and a doctoral degree specializing in high-end skin care products, and cooperates with the latest cosmetic raw materials manufacturers from all over the world to develop the latest technology and formulas in the world.

Our goal for all the products of "Asia Pacific Lovaty Cosmeceutical Corporation, "DERMA-XPERT" from the raw material & the R&D end to the mass production end, from the water quality, the number of bacteria, and the ingredients, be "alcohol-free", "fragrance-free", and "no controversial ingredients" ", "No estrogen ", "No animal testing."

Our Brand & History

●  1999
Established INCRES AESTHETICS LABORATORY CO. & became a south distributor of SYNCHROLINE from Italy.
●  2003
Vivian Shen build a new brand Mona Frema, in charge of researching & developing over 20 product lines, then expand markets.

●  2006

Lunched Mona Frema 1st product lines.
●  2010
Became EMU LINE from Chile Taiwan agent.
●  2014
Established an ISO factory for environmentally friendly cosmetics.
●  2015
Completed the upgrade of Mona Frema 2nd product lines ●  2016 - Sunscreen passed the ultraviolet human body test.
●  2017
Established Asia Pacific Lovaty Cosmeceutical Corporation & new brand “Derma-Xpert" to expand more markets.
●  2017
●  2018
Lunched SUN‧BRELLA® sunscreen, DERMAPEEL® Skin Metabolism Peeling, DMP acne & pigment series.
●  2020
Lunched Vitamedic® Vitamin Series.
●  2022
Lunched DR.PROBIOTY Skin Repair Series.

DERMA-XPERT accurately provide the most outstanding high-end aesthetic medicine products from the two-way perspective of " aesthetic medicine products which design for postoperative care" and " continues the effect after postoperative care".
It is the most close to the market, safe and effective choice.

99% Pure Water
High-cost 6-stage filtration process, the purity is close to 99.9% surgical grade pure water, greatly reducing the addition of preservatives and avoiding reactions with other impure substances in the water to reduce skin irritation.

No controversial ingredients
All products are specifically required to prohibit the use of controversial ingredients banned by the European Union to ensure the maximum safety of product ingredients.

No estrogen
The whole product complies with the regulations of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the addition of estrogen ingredients is strictly prohibited, and is controlled by the most rigorous cosmetic production process inspection.

No animal testing
The whole product adheres to prohibiting animal experiments, avoiding the risks related to experiments on animals, and taking friendly consumption and caring for animals as the business purpose.

Multiple tests
The selection of raw materials at the initial stage of the product formula has passed the effectiveness of human in vitro tests and precision instrument tests to ensure the mildness of the product.

Mission and Responsibilities

Only gives what skin need, without any burden on the skin. Adhere to the diagnosis, identification and consultation of professional dermatologists and nurses, and then help guide each of you to enjoy more professional and safe skin care suggestions.

To be the “Guardian of healthy skin"

We not only exclusively designed products that respond to the innovation and change of the skin care product market, but also take the initiative to care for various skin problems from the rigorous and professional perspective of skin experts.
To create exclusive skin care products suitable for your personal high-efficiency and gentleness.

Core Value
To set a benchmark in the industry and implement corporate responsibility, and to give back to the society, let us cherish every unique you, every unique face, every inch of skin!

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