Farewell to greasy medical beauty care products, r


PBS 100% Physical Ultra Light Sunscreen SPF42



The mineral sunscreen is designed specifically for sensitive skin, using minrals as th bas of sunscreen, with a mild and watry texture. No fragrances or allergenic preservatives are added, giving zero burdens on the skin.


  • PBS Probiotics Skin 4.0
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Moringa Oleifera Sed
  • Extract daytime protection factor
  • Panthenol B5


 Adopting patented nanometer 100% rutile titanium dioxide from a large Dutch manufacturer, 8D octagonal three-dimensional structure, seamless anti-refraction technology, high sun protection power, double homogeneous and transparent coating technology, the water feels clear, non-sticky and not easy to irritate Acne, ultra-sheer and won't leave a white cast, natural skin tone, high moisturizing and repairing effects, suitable for sensitive skin and children.
  • 100% pure physical sun protection,                                           
  • Ultra-low whiteness, high protection,                                         
  • Clear water feeling, no burden
Double even and transparent coating technology, uniform and refreshing texture, almost non-sensitizing on the skin, non-sticky, non-acne formula, ultra-low whitening, high transparency and not burdensome. Thanks to its beneficial skin bacteria, anti-oxidant and soothing active ingredients, it is specially recommended for sun protection of weak sensitive skin, post-medical surgery, and infants.

Applicable skin type
  • Sensitive skin
  • Children's skin

How to use

After skin clansing and basic skincare, take a teaspoon amount and apply evenly to the face, neck and ears before daily exposure to sunlight to give the skin comprehensive protection.

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